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Thank you for visiting our site.  Making a wise choice of a Plastic Surgeon can be difficult with the many options out there, and there are many wolves in sheep’s clothing!  You need a surgeon who is exceptionally trained, has significant experience, and is personable and with whom you feel comfortable, and confident.

Out of  Town Patients 

All of our surgeons have completed training both in General Surgery and Plastic Surgery, and are board certified in both.  Each has a minimum of 20 years experience in Plastic surgery, and have been involved in training Plastic Surgeons.

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Our Philosophy and Goals

We strive to provide world-class care in a comfortable and caring environment.  We are available for our patients 24/7.  We will not perform procedures that have not been tried and tested to be effective and safe, or which we are not competent to perform.


We seek to remain affordable to our patients, and provide services that are appropriately priced given the time taken, skill level, and degree of expertise and training of our surgeon.

We will not price-bust or compete with those masquerading as plastic surgeons.  There are many claiming to be plastic surgeons who are not, who will offer rock bottom prices to entice the unwary into their clutches!  You get what you pay for!

Please visit our APPROXIMATE Cost page to get a better idea if surgery is right for you. 

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